I've attempted to record some of my fanfiction stories as podfic for those interested.

I'm totally new to audio recording so if anyone has constructive criticism or suggestions I would appreciate hearing from you!

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Discretion, Love, and Hope
by WritinginCT

A slightly different twist on Continuum's ending.

(Stargate SG-1, Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, Rated PG-13)
Warning for Stargate Continuum Spoilers

Download here on mp3
(8.2mb file, 8 min 30sec long)

The Things He Carries
by WritinginCT

Sometimes the things you carry with you say more than words ever can.

(NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Rated PG-13)

Download here on mp3
(9mb file, 9 min 25sec long)